In-Profile software for Windows is a powerful data management tool used to process inclinometer data. In-Profile can create inclinometer databases, manage inclinometer data, generate plots and reports and has advanced data adjustment features.

In-Profile works with both the inclinometer and inclinometer Pro systems and is not specific to any one type of Inclinometer casing.

In-Profile provides limited features in basic mode, which is free to use, and a full-featured Pro mode, which requires purchase of a license key. In-Profile Pro is provided as a 45 day trial upon initial installation and will revert to the basic mode once the trial period has ended.

Product Features 

  • Easy exportation of trend graphs
  • Simple icons and menus
  • Strata can be easily applied with fill patterns and colours to define
  • Report function
  • Handles data from all popular types of inclinometers
  • Probes of any gauge length supported
  • Supports metric and imperial units

Product Benefits

  • Downloaded data can be viewed in various formats
  • Easy handling and presentation of data
  • Simple to use; no need to navigate menus
  • Reports include cumulative displacement plots
  • Versatile