Instrumentation systems for geotechnical and structural monitoring often entail monitoring large numbers of sensors of different types with dataloggers often being installed in remote, inaccessible and hostile locations.

Soil Instruments dataloggers are based on the basic industry standard Campbell Scientific CR1000 and CR800 loggers, with additional modules, combined with power supply and communication, all within a steel or reinforced GRP IP65 enclosure. Each datalogger is bespoke, matching your requirements for sensors, power, and communication. They are factory-tested using a logging program written to suit the sensor types to be used on the project in question. We can configure our dataloggers to suit your needs. Our expertise ensures you a tailored solution to read an extensive range of sensors, in a wide range of environments.

Product Features 

  • Configured to customer requirements according to sensor, power supply and communication requirements
  • Can be configured to read almost any geotechnical or structural monitoring sensor
  • Data kept in simple ASCII file for use with web based interfaces such as Argus, or a spreadsheet

Product Benefits

  • Proven track record on major projects
  • Rugged construction
  • Low power consumption
  • Various communication options available (ADSL, short haul modem, GPRS modem)
  • Can be powered from mains voltage as well as stand alone wind and solar sources for remote monitoring sites


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Our dataloggers are supplied with various memory options. You can add further capacity through the addition of a Compact Flash module (for the CR1000 only).

Each logging program is bespoke and we write programs for all types of sensors and projects, drawing from a large software library that allows us to configure a program easily and quickly for any application.

We can set up the system to generate alarms remotely via email or SMS, or locally using a siren or beacon if user defined parameters are exceeded.

The data logger consumes minimal power from either a 12 VDC or mains power source. Power supply options are flexible depending on the site and can include mains, solar cell, and wind generation.


Dataloggers can form part of any automated monitoring system. Our (or Campbell’s) dataloggers are ideally suited for structural and geotechnical monitoring, and are used extensively in harsh environments all around the world.

Typical applications for data logged monitoring systems include:
  • Dams and bridges
  • Tunnels (both during construction and operation)
  • Tracks on the railway networks for twist and longitudinal settlement
  • Monitoring rock falls
  • Any structure adjacent to and affected by construction activities.
Communication options

A wide variety of communication options with the datalogger are available as standard. These include:

  • Direct link to PC or laptop
  • Fibre optic link
  • Extended RS485 link (up to 13Km)
  • Satellite up link
  • Cellular (GSM/GPRS) modem
  • Telephone modem
  • IP via GPRS modem, i.e. direct to internet
  • Dedicated radio communication.


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