Portable Digital Tiltmeter

The Portable Digital Tiltmeter is used to measure the angular difference between the sensor’s axis when held or placed on the X and Y planes of the tiltplate. Tiltplates are installed either horizontally or vertically on the structure to be monitored and a datum reading is taken from which all subsequent are then compared.

Housed within the unit is a MEMS accelerometer that measures the angular position of the Tilt plate and a Bluetooth transmitter that transfers data to the Field PC, resulting in a wireless connection between the instrument and the Field PC.

The Field PC is supplied with Soil Instruments ‘Tilt-Port’ software, which permits the individual setup of each tiltplate for easy identification during reading sets. Readings can then be acquired using a remote handheld activator (Key Fob) to record each tiltplate reading, allowing a history of the movement to be quickly and easily acquired.

Product Features 

  • No connectors between tiltmeter and Field PC
  • Accurate and precise measurements using MEMS sensor
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Field PC allows easy interface with most office systems and applications Enhanced ‘Tilt-Port’ software included with Field PC for easy data capture

Product Benefits

  • Eliminates water ingress and connection problems
  • Digital signal allows interference-free data transmission
  • Advanced electronics ensure long, trouble free use in a site environment
  • Can take a day’s worth of readings on a single battery charge
  • Cost effective; requires only one person to take multiple sets of readings
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To take readings with the soil Digital Portable Tiltmeter, tiltplates must first be installed on the structure to be monitored, either horizontally or vertically.

The titlmeter can read either type of tiltplate by placing it on a tiltplate (for horizontal readings) or holding it against a tiltplate (for vertical readings).

During the initial survey, the operator defines a name for the tiltplate and takes a datum reading. All subsequent readings from that tiltplate are then compared to the datum reading to give a histogram of movement in arc degrees. This process is carried out

for each individual tiltplate to be monitored.


The Digital Portable Tiltmeter is used to measure changes in the position of the tiltplate.

Typical applications include:
  • Brick & Stone Buildings
  • Settlement and heave
  • Bridges & Dams
  • long or short term impounding and loading effects
  • Pipelines
  • Tunnels
  • Vertical rotation and track formation
  • Retaining walls
  • Horizontal and vertical rotations

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