Quick Drive Inclinometer Casing

Soil Instruments Quick Drive (QD) Inclinometer Casing is designed to improve the viability of installing inclinometer casing into pre-formed window sampling holes or where ground conditions permit, pushed to the required depth using CPT equipment.

QD (Quick Drive) Casing is an ABS inclinometer casing manufactured using advanced extrusion techniques. Designed for driving into pre-formed window sampling holes, it is also suitable for shallow installations in soft soils. Combining all the advantages of EC (Easy Connect) Casing it is both faster and easier to install than coupled inclinometer casing, requiring no rivets, glue, or sealing tape.

The casing can be extended or joined at any point along its length with a range of accessories, for example, telescoping couplings.

QD Casing comes with an installation guide.

Product Features 

  • Fitted with mild steel nose cone
  • Push fit, faster and easier to install than standard
  • inclinometer casing
  • Reliable joints; a machined slot ensures consistent keyway alignment
  • Watertight; an O-ring on each seal prevents ingress of water or grout
  • Low spiral, deep tight groove profile, gives more accurate data
  • Joints tested against pull apart, collapse and twist forces
  • Manufactured from virgin ABS

Product Benefits

  • Extremely simple, driven installation technique
  • Requires no rivets, tape or glue
  • Savings in installation time significantly reduces labour and drill rig standby charges
  • End cone ensures that the casing fixes well thereby providing an accurate datum
  • Small annulus to backfill
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Quick Drive (QD) Inclinometer Casing improves the viability of installing inclinometer casing into pre-formed window sampling holes. Where site conditions permit, it can be pushed to the required depth using Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) equipment.

These methods remove the need for a drill-rig to attend site, saving time, money and significantly speeding up installation.


The QD Inclinometer Casing comprises a steel cone attached to the end of a two-metre section of Easy Connect (EC) Casing. This is driven into the pre-formed hole using a window sample rod passed through the casing to push on the upper surface of the driving cone.

As the lead length is driven in, further one-metre sections are added as needed until the required depth is reached. The coupling method is the same as for EC casing.

Where ground conditions and access permit, QD Inclinometer Casing saves time over conventional installation methods.


QD Casing is ideal for installation with window sampling equipment in physically restricted areas where access is limited, making it non cost effective or simply impossible to us conventional drilling rigs to install inclinometer casing. Use inclinometer systems to measure lateral movement in the ground or in a structure. They are useful for determining the depth, direction, magnitude, and also rate of movement. For example, they can be used to ascertain the stability of retaining walls by measuring bending and rotation in the retaining wall. They can also reveal ground movement that could affect other buildings. Use measurements of recorded movement to check that the deflections are within the design assumptions. Continue monitoring to establish any long term effects after works have finished.

Typical applications include:
  • highway and railway embankments;
  • detecting slopes and landslides;
  • determining shear and slip zones;
  • verifying design assumptions and finite element analysis;
  • long term monitoring purposes;
  • monitoring retaining walls;
  • for shallow depth in soft soil conditions.

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