Water Level Meters

Water Level Meters are Ideal for measuring the depth of water in standpipes, wells, and boreholes. The Water Level Meter or Dipmeter comprises a Stainless Steel sensor probe fitted to a flexible graduated cable, wound on a hand reel containing a transistorised switched circuit, an audio indicator, and a battery.

The meter is simple to use and, being portable can be used at many locations. The itmsoil tape design prevents the tape from sticking to wet surfaces, such as the lining of a borehole, and therefore ensures accurate measurements. There are two versions of the water level meter; one uses a small probe and one a standard probe. The standard probe version is also available with an optional digital temperature indicator.

Product Features 

  • One instrument reads at many locations
  • Flat tape for accurate readings
  • Tape range: 30m–500m with 1mm divisions
  • Lightweight
  • Simple, reliable and easy to operate
  • Audible and visual water level alert signals
  • Sensitivity adjustment for variations in water conductivity
  • Digital temperature indicator option available
  • Non-stretch polyethylene coated steel tape
  • Ø12mm slimline probe available

Product Benefits

  • Easily portable
  • Tape design prevents tape sticking to wet surfaces
  • Economic water level monitoring
  • Ideal for boreholes with small diameters


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The sensor probe incorporates an insulating gap which acts as a switch, the circuit being completed when contact is made with the water.

The cable consists of a non-stretch flat tape with stranded steel conductors, graduated at one millimeter intervals.

The probe is lowered down a borehole on the end of the tape. When it makes contact with water a buzzer sounds and an LED light comes on, both located on the reel. A reading can then be taken from the tape at the top of the borehole to indicate the water depth.

A sensitivity control is accessible inside the hand reel to enable adjustment to suit the water conductivity.


The Water Level Meter is ideal for site investigations such as the following:
  • Water levels in open boreholes
  • Control of de-watering and drainage operations
  • Construction control and stability monitoring of dames, reservoirs and embankments
  • Hydrological and hydrogeological investigations of water resources
  • Pollution and environmental studies
  • In-situ permeability measurements and pumping tests
  • Stability investigations of natural and cut slopes

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