Linear Potentiometer Crackmeter

The Linear Potentiometer Crackmeter is a robust, high-resolution, and accurate instrument designed to measure displacements across cracks and joints in buildings, bridges, dams, pipelines, etc. It can measure expansion and contraction.

The potentiometer is installed across a crack or joint of the structure to be monitored, using either groutable or expanding shell anchors. As the crack expands or contracts, the change in the distance between the anchors causes the connecting rod within the potentiometer body to move. The movement of the potentiometer changes the output which determines the movement of the crack with high resolution and accuracy.

Product Features 

  • High resolution and accuracy
  • Robust design
  • Suitable for long-term monitoring
  • Suitable for manual or remote monitoring
  • Two versions available; Standard (IP67) and Submersible (IP68 to 1700 kPa)

Product Benefits

  • Accurate, repeatable readings
  • Long working life
  • Long term stability and reliability
  • Connecting cable is strong, screened and flexible
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The Linear Potentiometer Crackmeter is anchored to the structure to be monitored with groutable or expansion anchors.

The change in distance between the anchors caused by the crack opening or closing, will cause a connecting rod to move within the potentiometer body, changing the resistance of the potentiometer via a voltage divider.

By reading this change in voltage, the movement of the crack can be determined.


The Crackmeter measures displacements across cracks and joints in buildings, bridges, dams, pipelines and similar structures. It can measure both expansion and contraction of cracks or joints.

Typical monitoring applications include:
  • Brick and stone buildings
  • Settlement, heave or foundation clay shrinkage
  • Bridges and dams
  • Construction joints
  • Pipelines
  • Joints and bearing/support interaction
  • Tunnels and lining cracks
  • Structures susceptible to earthquake and landslide areas


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