Smart In-Place Inclinometer (Smart IPI)

The Smart In-Place Inclinometer (Smart IPI) System is used to remotely monitor lateral displacement within a vertical borehole It has been designed to supersede traditional IPI systems; with advanced technology and new mechanical design, the Smart IPI is seen as a new product rather than just an improvement to the old.

The Smart In-Place Inclinometer System comprises in its most basic form a Data Acquisition system, a Sensor Interface Module, one Top Support Assembly, up to 39 Smart IPI Sensors, and one Terminating Sensor. The Easy-Connect Coupling and single cable approach lead to a much easier, quicker, and more efficient installation as well as an increased number of sensors per borehole.

Product Features 

  • Biaxial MEMS Sensors
  • Single cable system
  • Sensor strings give a readily automated profile of vertical or horizontal displacements
  • Factory allocated serial numbers
  • Onsite allocation of sensor IDs
  • Mechanical/electrical connection rated IP68 to 2000 kPa
  • Accurate and precise measurements using MEMS sensors

Product Benefits

  • Easy to automate using data acquisition system and ‘Argus’ software
  • Removes the need for manual monitoring
  • Fast onsite installation with minimal cable management
  • Plug-and-play into Sensor Interface Module (S.I.M.)
  • Calibration factor stored in each sensor allow output in engineering units
  • Up to 40 Smart IPI sensors per borehole
  • Ability to add to the network as and when required
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The The Smart In-Place Inclinometer comprises a Data Acquisition system, a Sensor Interface Module (S.I.M.), one Top Connector, up to 39 Smart IPI Sensors, and one Terminating Sensor. The Top Connector is always positioned at the top of the borehole and consists of a wheel assembly and two gauge tubes. The Smart IPI Sensor incorporates an Easy-Connect Coupling on the upper end and a wheel assembly on the lower. Connected to the wheel assembly is a gauge extension tube that connects to the next sensor; this is repeated as required, creating a daisy chain of up to 40 Smart IPI Sensors. The sensor string must always be completed with a Terminating Sensor; this is the first sensor to be installed in the chain at the bottom of the borehole. Contained within the Smart IPI Sensor body are a PCB and two MEMS sensors. The data is transmitted up through the Smart IPI string to a Sensor Interface Module (S.I.M.). The S.I.M. handles all data and transmits it to a datalogger. ‘Argus’ monitoring software can be used to remotely monitor and present data, producing a near real-time profile of displacement that is constantly updated and available online via web servers, enabling a fully automated system.


The The Smart In-Place Inclinometer is used to measure lateral movement in the ground or a structure, determining the depth, direction, magnitude, and rate of movement.

Typical monitoring applications include:

  • Concrete slabs and tank bases

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