Soil Instruments Rentental

In the event that your monitoring instrumentation is being serviced, calibrated or repaired, we are able to supply a rented replacement unit.

This ensures that essential monitoring work can continue without interruption throughout the servicing period. We also offer a flexible unit rental service for use in emergencies, short-term projects, or on a trial basis before purchasing. Most rented instruments can be delivered to UK locations by next day courier, and we are also able to arrange collection. All instruments are thoroughly serviced following each rental, and are returned to our hire bay in first class condition ready for the next rental. Rental is subject to availability.

Current products available for rental:

Coming soon…

    • 8 Channel Vibrating Wire Logger with GPRS (VWlog8)
    • 2 Channel Vibrating Wire Logger (VWlog2)
    • 2 Channel 0-10v & Pulse logger (Modem Logger)
    • MEMS tilt logger (Tilt Logger)
    • Vibrating Wire Handheld Readout (VWReed)

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