Inclined Digital Inclinometer System

The Soil Instruments Digital Inclined Inclinometer System has been specially developed for monitoring lateral movements and deformations of soil, and rock including retaining structures.

The Digital Bluetooth Uniaxial Inclinometer System is used to manually monitor lateral deformations within an inclined borehole. It comprises of a uniaxial probe, cable reel and a rugged Field PC supplied with ‘In-Port’ data logging software.

The probe, fitted with spring-loaded guide wheels, is inserted into a specially installed inclinometer casing which is either embedded in fill or secured to the structure to be monitored. A Kevlar-reinforced graduated cable connects the probe to the cable reel and hub.

Readings are transmitted quickly and efficiently to a rugged Field PC via a Bluetooth link.

Product Features 

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Field PC with enhanced custom software
  • Metal marker/cable gate system
  • Kevlar reinforced cable
  • Bluetooth connection between cable reel and Field PC
  • Accurate and precise readings using a MEMS sensor
  • Supplied with ‘In-Port’ software to use with Field PC for easy data capture

Product Benefits

  • Elimination of cable resistance and noise issues
  • Repeatable depth control using metal markers and cable gate system
  • Interfaces with most office systems and applications
  • Easy data gathering
  • Long, trouble-free use
  • High degree of accuracy and repeatability
  • No water ingress or connection failures
  • Light and easily portable
  • Able to take a day’s worth of readings on a single battery charge
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The inclinometer probe is inserted into inclinometer casing in 0.5metre increments. This is measured by metal markers crimped around the cable (also at 0.5m increments) and controlled by a notch in the cable gate. This ensures accurate and repeatable data when taking multiple readings.

Each increment of data is read by means of a key fob. The key fob is activated by the user to transmit instructions for the data to be read by the probe; the data is then sent to the hub and transmitted via Bluetooth to the Field PC which saves the data using itmsoil ‘In-Port’ software.

An initial or base set of readings are obtained at each increment determined by the casing position. Subsequent readings are taken at identical positions; the comparison of all subsequent readings indicates the location, direction, magnitude and rate of change of movement.

The data can be saved to the Field PC SD card in RPP format. Using a Windows PC, the data can be further analysed using itmsoil ‘In-Site’ software.


Inclined Inclinometer Systems can be used to provide settlement profiles and monitoring of heave in projects such as:
  • Embankments
  • Dams, particularly monitoring downstream faces of concrete-faced rockfill dams
  • Structures


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