Sensly Monitoring Software


Sensly is a powerful easy-to-use data monitoring platform with a user interface that allows quick and easy interpretation of large amounts of instrumentation data from a variety of sources.
Readings can be imported automatically from almost any data acquisition system or data source. The data is calculated and displayed in user-definable engineering units, which can be compared to site-specific thresholds. The user can receive over-threshold alerts via email.

Sensly is a powerful data monitoring tool that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your geotechnical or structural monitoring projects.

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Product Features 

  • User friendly interface
  • Secure login and user access levels
  • Customisable dashboards
  • Email alerts
  • Data editing and export
  • Map image layers

Product Benefits

  • Sensor Blueprints which provide an accurate and easy way to get started on a new project.
  • Preventing unauthorised set up changes.
  • Dashboards configured to display essential information and metrics, providing a quick and comprehensive overview of the data.
  • Users can set up multiple alert levels that trigger emails to selected recipients, keeping them informed in real-time.
  • Data can be exported easily for use in spreadsheets or other data modeling software, supporting various analysis needs.
  • Section views or map views selectable in blue prints.