GTecLink is a data acquisition and monitoring system which combines state-of-the-art wireless monitoring and advanced software tools. It is widely recognized as the leading solution for connecting and monitoring infrastructures in remote locations.

GTecLink devices are battery-powered and equipped with long-range, low-power wide-area network (LoRa) radio communications and are compatible with a wide range of geotechnical sensors.
The software suite is web-based and facilitates real-time data capture and analytics. It is also possible to set automatic alarms to make operations safer.

Mining and construction companies and operators of bridges, tunnels, dams, railways, and many other inaccessible assets can now work with reliable data. Having access to this information and
real-time insights enable operators to anticipate needs, manage their workforce, diminish risks, and even prevent disasters.

Product Features 

  • Long-range communication of over 9 miles / 15km
  • Low-power, up to 10 years of unattended runtime
  • Wireless LoRa communication
  • Supports most structural and geotechnical sensors (vibrating wire, digital, analog)
  • Integrated alarm system
  • User-friendly web software
  • Compatible with the Connectivety Management Tool (CMT) EDGE software

Product Benefits

  • Remotely monitor hard-to-access infrastructures
  • Cover a wide area of installed geotechnical sensors
  • Easily add or remove sensors to an existing installation
  • Save resources through fast implementation
  • Decrease costs through easy maintenance
  • Diminish risks and make operations safer