The Tilt Logger is a standalone MEMS Tiltsensor with integrated datalogger and GSM/GPRS modem that measures the rotation of structures in the vertical plane.

Readings are stored on a local SD card and are transmitted to any FTP site via the on-board GSM/GPRS modem.

The Logger incorporates an intelligent ‘passive’ to ‘active’ alarm system with up to six user defined prioritisation thresholds, reducing battery consumption and an overload of needless data.

Logger settings are easily configured by the user, allowing full control of settings and alarms, making the device completely adaptable to site specific changes.

With continuous monitoring, automatic data transmission and active alarming, combined with the accuracy and reliability of a MEMS sensor, supplied in one compact and robust unit, the Tilt Logger is the perfect solution for your monitoring requirements.

Product Features 

  • Uniaxial MEMS sensor
  • On-board GSM/GPRS modem
  • Data delivered in engineering units
  • Completely cable free; plug-and-play
  • Intelligent alarming with 6 user defined thresholds and alarm notification via SMS and FTP
  • Optional alarm suppression
  • Low power; requires one D-Cell Lithium battery
  • Micro SD card

Product Benefits

  • MEMS sensor provides highly accurate and stable data
  • Data delivered direct to ‘ARGUS’ Software via FTP
  • No post-processing of data required
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Swift notification of changes in site conditions, alerting multiple users
  • Reduces the likelihood of false alarms
  • Operates for up to 2 years without battery change
  • Internal logging of millions of data points
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The Tilt Logger is a comprehensive cable free monitoring unit; therefore it requires no cable or wiring of sensors and dataloggers.

The only requirement is GSM/GPRS signal and an FTP site, however the unit can be configured and data retrieved manually via a Field PC and USB cable, if preferred.

The Tilt Logger is attached to the structure to be monitored using appropriate fixings such as expanding shells or groutable anchors.

The unit can either be programmed manually using a Field PC with a USB cable or remotely via the FTP server by changing the settings file.

The alarm system, SMS functions, reading intervals and schedules can be programmed or changed at any time quickly and efficiently via the FTP site. The data can then be viewed by anyone at any time; all that is required is an internet connection and the log on details for the FTP server.

The multi layered ‘passive’ to ‘active’ alarm system incorporates up to six user defined prioritisation thresholds. Once setup the Logger remains in ‘passive’ mode logging at user defined intervals, until any of the pre-set alarm levels are breached, at which point it will automatically switch to ‘active’ mode and initiate increased data transfer to the FTP site whilst simultaneously sending out multi-level SMS text alerts to multiple contacts.


The Tilt Logger is used to monitor vertical rotations of structures; it is commonly used to monitor settlement and heave of existing structures caused by adjacent excavations or tunnelling works.

The sensor is especially useful where topographic measurements are precluded or where access is restricted.

Typical applications include:

  • Brick and stone buildings
  • Vertical rotation (heave and settlement) due to adjacent construction activities
  • Bridges and dams
  • Impounding and loading effects in short or long-term
  • Slope stability
  • Land/mudslide prone areas
  • Differential levels