The MEMS Piezometer Modem Logger combines a high capacity GSM/GPRS enabled datalogger with a small diameter MEMS Piezometer for use in fully or partially saturated soil and rock.

Readings are stored on a local SD card and are transmitted in engineering units to any FTP site via the on-board Quad band GSM/GPRS modem. Logger settings are easily configured by the user making the device completely adaptable to site changes.

The Logger incorporates an intelligent ‘passive’ to ‘active’ alarm system with up to six user defined prioritisation thresholds, reducing battery consumption and an overload of needless data.

The sensor element prevents the inclusion of gases and contains hydrophilic properties that ensure the functionality of the sensor, ensuring low noise levels and excellent stability.

The addition of a rain gauge allows correlation between rainfall and ground water level changes.

The MEMS Piezometer Modem Logger provides high accuracy, barometric correction, automatic data transmission and active alarming in one simple device, making it an ideal solution for automatic pore pressure measurements.


Product Features 

  • Integrated barometric sensor
  • High grade sensor element & filter
  • On-board GSM/GPRS modem
  • Data delivered in engineering units
  • Intelligent alarming with 5 user defined thresholds and alarm notification via SMS and FTP
  • Optional alarm suppression
  • Low power; requires one D-Cell Lithium battery
  • Reads 2 channels; a 0-10V sensor and a pulse sensor
  • Integrated barometric pressure sensor
  • Micro SD card
  • Optional rain gauge

Product Benefits

  • Enables measurements of pore water pressure only
  • Ensures low noise & excellent stability
  • Data delivered direct to ‘ARGUS’ Software via FTP
  • No post-processing of data required
  • Swift notification of changes in site conditions, alerting multiple users
  • Reduces the likelihood of false alarms
  • Operates for up to 2 years without battery change
  • Intelligent dual sensor capability
  • Atmospheric pressure compensation
  • Internal logging of millions of data points
  • Integrated rainfall data
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The logger is a high capacity two channel datalogger with an integrated barometric compensator. Channel one reads a MEMS piezometer and channel two reads a pulse sensor, such as a rain gauge.

The piezometer is suspended in a borehole or buried in fill and wired into the logger. The logger is attached to any suitable structure using appropriate fixings for the medium it is to be attached to.

The unit can either be programmed manually using a Field PC with a USB cable or remotely via the FTP server by changing the settings file.

The alarm system, SMS functions, reading intervals and schedules can be programmed or changed at any time, quickly and efficiently via the FTP site. The data can then be viewed by anyone at any time; all that is required is an internet connection and the log on details for the FTP server.

The multi layered ‘passive’ to ‘active’ alarm system incorporates up to six user defined prioritisation thresholds. Once setup, the Logger remains in ‘passive’ mode logging at user defined intervals, until any of the pre-set alarm levels are breached, at which point it will automatically switch to ‘active’ mode and initiate increased data transfer to the FTP site whilst simultaneously sending out multi-level SMS text alerts to multiple contacts.


Piezometers are used in geotechnical, environmental and hydrological applications. They can be installed in boreholes and placed in fill materials or open wells to measure water levels or pore water pressures to enable engineers to verify design assumptions and control placement of fill.

Typical applications include:

  • Environmental management
  • Aquifers
  • Tidal effects on coastal soils
  • Dams
  • Embankments
  • Potential landslide sites
  • Dewatering excavations
  • Tailings lagoons
  • Pumping tests
  • Monitor seepage
  • Control placement of fill